Monday, December 11, 2017

Yes, window film can keep your home warm in these winter months Evans, Ga. 

 you are wondering how window film can keep your house warm when you thought it was meant to keep the sun out and your house nice and cold in the summer, you might be missing out on one of the latest advances in year-round indoor temperature control.

According to Jay Wilson, owner operator of Tint Masters LLC ‘in the winter, glass panes lose a substantial amount of your home’s heat and lets the interior heat seep out, but certain window films trap room heat for year -round comfort.’ The newer window films absorb the radiant heat from the interior of your home, keeping it indoors. Different films are available to accommodate different types of windows and even skylights. Many of these films can be used with low-e windows. Security films that are thicker but use the exact same technology protect you from shattering glass, so if you also live in a storm-prone area, for a few dollars more a square foot, you can get an extra layer of protection for your home and stay warm in winter.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Window film

About Window Film

What is Window Film?

Window film is typically tinted and applied professionally to the glass surface of windows in vehicles and buildings to promote personal and property protection. Beyond its protective qualities, window films also come in many shades and colors to provide aesthetic enhancements, as well.

Why Use Window Film?

Using window film in your home, commercial buildings, and vehicles helps to protect you and your property from the damaging effects of the sun. Over time, the sun's heat and harmful UV rays contribute to the fading of interior furnishings, fabrics, artwork and flooring and can cause uneven or very warm temperatures within a building or vehicle. The sun can also damage your skin, and its glare can cause eyestrain. What's more, window film can hold shards of broken glass together in the event of an accident, vandalism, or break-in.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Benefits and Advantages of installing (clear bra) Paint Protection film

What is Paint Protection Film and why do I need it?
Paint protection film, or "clear bra" as it is sometimes known, is one of the best ways to preserve the showroom quality finish on your vehicle. The tough, durable, virtually invisible urethane film will keep your vehicle looking newer longer, without changing the design features or color, by creating a barrier and protecting vulnerable areas such as front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels. Preserving the finish of your vehicle with paint protection film (PPF) keeps your vehicle looking newer longer, and can enhance the resale value of your vehicle in the future.
How does Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series compare to other paint protection films on the market today?
Scotchgard Pro Series construction provides many features, advantages and benefits over other films. In addition, when you buy film from 3M you know you are buying a recognized brand from a trusted company with staying power.
  • Exceptional clarity: Scotchgard Pro Series has low orange peel, making it one of the clearest films in the industry and virtually invisible on the vehicle.
  • Unrivaled stain and scratch resistance: The revolutionary clear coat technology produces exceptional stain and scratch resistance, making it easier to clean and harder to scratch, ensuring that it keeps the vehicle looking newer, longer.
  • Self healing properties: Innovative technology allows minor scratches to disappear by themselves, keeping the film and your vehicle finish looking new.
  • Excellent durability: The new formula for the Scotchgard Pro Series has superior resistance to yellowing and cracking, ensuring that your vehicle finish retains the showroom quality, color and design features.
  • Maintenance Free: Scotchgard Pro Series film does not require any special maintenance to keep it looking great. You can wash and wax your car as you would normally. Click here for additional tips for keeping your film looking its best (PDF, 174 Kb).
Where can I put Paint Protection Film on my vehicle?
Paint Protection Film can be professionally installed anywhere you want to protect your vehicle finish from scratches, chips, stains and other damaging elements. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series protects:
  • Rocker panels from sand and stones kicked up by tires
  • Trunk ledges from golf clubs, luggage and strollers
  • Hoods, bumpers and mirror backs from flying gravel, bug acids and tar
  • Door handle cavities and door edges from rings, keys, belt buckles and purses
  • Full hoods, trunks and roofs from bird droppings and tree sap
Can I install Scotchgard Pro Series film myself?
3M strongly recommends that Scotchgard film be installed by a 3M Certified Installer. They have the training and experience to make sure you receive an installation that is fit perfectly to your vehicle. In addition, the warranty is valid only if the film is installed by a Certified Installer.
What is the warranty for Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Pro Series?
Our comprehensive warranty for Scotchgard Pro Series film in the United States and Canada is 7 years from the date of purchase, and includes coverage against defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking. Visit our website at protection film for more details and to see the full warranty disclosure.
What is the pricing for the new Scotchgard Pro Series film?
Pricing varies depending upon the area covered on your vehicle and your local market. Find a 3M Certified Installer in your area for a free quote.
Scotchgard Pro Series Film removable?
Yes. The film is intended to be permanent, but can be removed without damage to the finish. 3M recommends that you visit a 3M Certified installer to have the film removed properly.
Where can I buy Scotchgard Pro Series Film?
The film can be purchased and installed by one of our 3M Certified Installers. You can locate an installer in your area by calling 1-800-328-1684, or visit the Where to Buy section of our website.
What if I cannot find a Certified Installer in my area?
Please call 1-800-328-1684 and 3M can help arrange an installation for you.
Where can I get additional information about the Scotchgard Pro Series Film?
Visit our website at protection film for additional information, including how to find a 3M Certified Installer in your area.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

How To Choose a The Tint Shop

How to Choose a Window Tint shop

Choosing a window tint shop can be confusing. “Best Price” “No Bubbles” “20 Years in Business”… How do you know which shop to choose? There are major differences between tint shops and you don’t want to make a bad investment. After all, window tint is something that you have to live with for years to come.   It’s either going to make you proud every time you look at it or make you sick!  Hopefully after reading this post, you will have the tools you need to make an educated decision. (Editor’s note:  I have provided links throughout this post to illustrate what you should be looking for.)

Ask Your Friends Which Tint Shops Did Their Vehicles

Take a close look at the tint work on other people’s vehicles. Do you see bubbles, cracks, peeling, or signs of turning purple? If not, you might want to find out where this particular vehicle was tinted and add this shop to the list of shops to visit.  This is simply a starting point!   You still have work to do!

Tint WebsiteVisit the Website of Tint Shops That You Are Considering

No website? That would be a definite strike against them. Quality shops are proud to display their workmanship in any way possible. The website should not only show pictures of the work, but also help to educate customers in an effort to help them make a decision.  Great shops are not afraid to share information and show off their expertise.  As I write this, the year is 2012.  EVERY business needs a quality website, especially a visual business like window tinting.

Read Online Reviews

While online reviews should not be your only basis of consideration, you can usually learn a lot about the workmanship and the general business practices of the shop. You should be looking for a tint shop with a lot of reviews and the majority being positive. Nobody is perfect and you might find some negativity.  Be sure to consider how this negativity is handled. Some places to look for online reviews are Google PlacesYahoo LocalYelpMerchant Circle, etc. Many times you can find reviews on the companies own website.  Put more trust in the independent review sites since the owner has no control over those reviews.

Mobile Edge ShowrromVisit the Tint Shop!

Unless the steps above make you 100% confident in your decision, you need to visit the shops you are considering. Nothing short of a visit will help you decide whether this is the right shop for you or not. Look at their showroom? Is it clean? Ask to see their installation area. Is that clean? You can’t expect a quality job in an unclean environment (This does not mean that you should expect an area fit for producing computer chips!). Are the employees professional? Are they dressed appropriately? Do they explain things clearly? How long have they been in business? How long have the window tinters been employed at this facility? These are all things that you will need to observe and ask the employees. The shop should make you feel totally comfortable in handing over the keys to your ride without any worries at all. If this is not the case, you haven’t found the right place yet.  For more information on this step, see our post on what to look for in a quality tint shop.

Ask About the Shop’s Tint Warranty

Does the shop stand behind its work? If so for how long? In this business, it is not uncommon to have a warranty on tint work for as long as you own your vehicle. This is important since mistakes can happen and you don’t want to be left with a poor quality tint job on your ride.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of the warranty.  If the shop is evasive of unclear about this, I would scratch them from your list of considerations.

Sweet tint Job on VWBrand of Tint

Here is an area where I believe some might disagree. Just hear me out and be sure to read this entire paragraph! If you trust the shop you are dealing with, BRAND OF TINT DOES NOT MATTER. If you have decided that Shop A is the best choice, you can rest assured that others have decided the same also. This makes for a busy shop and one that takes care of their customers. The last thing that a busy, quality shop wants to do is FIX MISTAKES or REPLACE DEFECTIVE TINT! They are going to work hard to select a quality brand of tint that does not cause them headaches. These guys are the professionals. They know tint. If you are counting on them to take care of your car and do the job right, you really need to trust their judgement on the tint that they offer.
I will say that the exact opposite can be true if the shop does not measure up to the above criteria. If the shop is dirty, the employees unprofessional and the reviews mediocre, you can count on the fact that quality tint was not at the top of their list. CHEAP, inferior tint probably was.


Notice I saved this for last. In my opinion, if the shop passed all the tests above, price is not a consideration. Most people get tint shortly after making a vehicle purchase. Most people will keep a vehicle for about 3 years (36 months). That said, follow along with me on this exercise:

Shop A is everything you ever wanted in a tint shop. Clean, friendly, great online reviews, informative website with tons of pictures, great warranty and they’ve been in business for almost 20 years. They will charge you $275 to tint your vehicle.

Shop B Just opened up. They have no website (or one that looks like it was thrown together in less time than it took me to write this post). Reviews are non-existent. The shop is cluttered and dirty. The salesperson looks like you interrupted him for changing his oil. Their price to tint your ride is $199.

Think about this a second. On the surface it looks like a big difference.  In reality, it is $2 a MONTH over the 3 years you will own your vehicle.. For less than a cup of Starbucks or a can of Monster, you can have total piece of mind that your tint job will be done right. If it isn’t, you’ve got a reputable, established shop that will stand behind the work and make it right. The shop that is in business for 20 years didn’t do that by accident. They did it by making people happy and exceeding their expectations. $2 a month buys you the pride of knowing that your vehicle looks great and will continue to look great for as long as you own it.  A great question to ask yourself is “Do you want to trust your vehicle to the lowest bidder?”

Why is Shop A more expensive?  Could it be that the owner is greedy and wants to make a quick buck?  Highly unlikely.  As stated above, if Shop A passed all the tests mentioned earlier, they have an established business with happy employees and customers.  Retaining employees costs money.  Maintaining a clean and functional work environment costs money.  HAVING INSURANCE costs money.  Paying taxes costs money.  At the end of the day, both owners are probably making the same profit on each sale.  But the owner of Shop A is certainly sleeping better at night knowing that his shop is providing great work and producing happy customers.

Tint on 350 ZConclusion

Getting your vehicle tinted can be confusing and intimidating. It is really an exercise in common sense. Do your homework and visit the shops. Talk to the employees and ask questions. Look around the shop and ask to see the installation area. Tie all of this together and you should have an idea of who is the right choice for you.  Brand of tint should have little impact on your decision. Price should only come into play when all other things are equal.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Window Tint Augusta, Ga

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Having tint applied to the windows of your car doesn’t just add to its aesthetic value, but can also generate other beneficial side effects. Darkened windows aren’t just for the upper crust riding around in limousines, paparazzi-shy celebrities, or presidential motorcades. Window tintingservices can be applied to any vehicle, new or used, to improve both value and performance.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your car and more importantly your eyes and skin. Everyone already knows that high doses of UV rays can do considerable damage to your body.

Skin Damage Prevention

Many drivers who spend a great deal of time commuting may even develop skin cancer on the left side of their faces and arms. Keeping the sun’s rays from infiltrating your car with tinted windows can be a key step in ensuring that you’re doing your best to stay cancer free. Window tint film can keep almost 100% of UVA and UVB rays from entering your car and causing harm to your body.

Stop Premature Aging 

Adding tint to your windows can even protect the car itself. These damaging rays can also work their way into the interior of your car. They permeate the car’s flooring, dash, seat covers, and any part exposed to the light. This can cause great damage to your vehicle and even cause the interior to emit dangerous chemicals due to being overheated.

Added Safety. 

The adhesive used to attach the tint film to the window can also serve as a bonding agent for the glass in the tragic event of a car accident. It may help to reinforce the glass and keep the glass from shattering all over a driver or passenger or even prevent a body from flying through the windshield.

Tint a Green Product?

Even the environment can benefit from auto window tinting as well. The science here is simple. When you have window tint, your car doesn’t get as hot. If the interior isn’t incredibly hot, then you don’t have to run the air conditioning as much. Less air conditioning means less gas usage; this is good news for both the environment and your wallet.

If you’re ready to add some tint to your car,home, office or boat Tint Masters in Evans, Ga can help you keep cool when the heat is on call 706-922-3131 or visit us on the web @ if you have any questions.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Window film in Evans, Ga ?

Ultraviolet radiation can travel through car and home windows, where it can contribute to the daily accumulation of sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer and photoaging. UV-blocking films can not only protect you against this exposure, but can offer other benefits as well.

UV FilmUltraviolet rays (UVR) are sneaky. Not only can they cause skin cancer and visible signs of aging, they're also very good at finding you. They can bounce off water, off sand, and they can penetrate glass. Which means that even if you're inside your car or house, if you're sitting next to a window with sunlight streaming in, you're at risk for UV damage.

Fortunately, the "window film" revolution is gaining momentum. It began with automobiles in the 1990's. Research showed that drivers with left-hand drive developed more skin damage on the left side of their bodies, while those with right-hand drive developed more damage on the right. The reason? UVR streaming through the driver-side windows. "Long-time drivers are found to have rougher, more pigmented skin with greater solar damage on their driver's side," noted Albert Kligman, MD, PhD, emeritus professor of dermatology, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia.

All of a car's windows filter out the sun's short-wave, UVB rays -all glass will filter UVB, in fact - but only the windshield in cars comes partially treated against the sun's UVA rays. However, for several years in all 50 states, transparent UVA-filtering film has been available for vehicles' side and back window glass. It screens out almost 100 percent of UVB and UVA, without reducing visibility.

And now, UVA-protective film has moved indoors big-time. Residential and commercial films come in flat sheets, in varied tints, cutting down glare by more than half while allowing 30-80 percent of visible light to get through, depending on the customer's wants. Like automobile film, they block out up to 99.9 percent of UVR. This helps prevent not only sunburn, but also the brief daily UV exposures that cumulatively accelerate skin aging and multiply the risk of skin cancer. In addition, the film can be lifesavers for people with diseases involving dangerous photosensitivity, such as xeroderma pigmentosum and lupus.

Along with clear health benefits, window film offers other advantages:

  • In hot weather, it cuts down heat within the home, which can reduce air conditioning expenses.
  • In cold weather, it reflects interior heat back into the house, reducing heating costs.
  • It helps keep sunshine from fading car upholstery and home furnishings.
  • Some new types of "safety" film help hold residential and commercial glass in place if shattered. Several times thicker than the standard sun-protective film, it can greatly reduce the chances of break-ins, property damage, and even personal injury that can result from broken glass.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dont Replace your windows Evans, Ga

Below are some benefits of applying window film to your existing windows:

  • Tinting reduces annoying glare
  • Tints can allow in more natural light than blinds and shades
  • Tints also balance outside appearances of your home, giving it a whole new look
  • Substantially reduces your electric bill
  • NFC rated films--our safety films are documented for performance
  • 99.9% UV rejection from our window tints protect your furnishings from fading
  • Privacy
  • Our films have a lifetime warranty 
  • Energy-efficient film can upgrade windows, sliders, doors, sun rooms, etc.
  • Some of our films qualify for tax or and energy rebates
  • Security films will protect your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Tinting will allow light to pass through your windows while screening out heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays
  • We can help to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home or office
  • Gain over 80% solar rejection with some of our films
  • Our low emissivity (Low E) films improve insulating properties for year-round energy savings
  • Our tints are protected by durable, patented, scratch-resistant coatings and are applied with long lasting distortions-free adhesives
  • Our ceramic films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility and do not appear shiny
  • Ceramic films easily outperform all dyed, metallic and powder-coated films, while maintaining a clear view
  • You can start “Going Green” with window films and tints
  • Energy-efficient window films are equal to other energy saving measures such as high efficiency lighting, new control systems, and HVAC upgrades

Solar Reflective Window Film

Starting to do research on improving the efficiency of your home is great step on lowering your electricity bills or even better trying to lower your carbon footprint. Remember your air conditioner usually is the highest part of your electrical costs in your home or office.

Go Green with Window Film

Not only does Huper Optik Smart window films deliver a positive impact for the environment in energy savings and GHG emissions reductions, it also contributes to an avoidance of solid wastes typical of window replacement.