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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dont Replace your windows Evans, Ga

Below are some benefits of applying window film to your existing windows:

  • Tinting reduces annoying glare
  • Tints can allow in more natural light than blinds and shades
  • Tints also balance outside appearances of your home, giving it a whole new look
  • Substantially reduces your electric bill
  • NFC rated films--our safety films are documented for performance
  • 99.9% UV rejection from our window tints protect your furnishings from fading
  • Privacy
  • Our films have a lifetime warranty 
  • Energy-efficient film can upgrade windows, sliders, doors, sun rooms, etc.
  • Some of our films qualify for tax or and energy rebates
  • Security films will protect your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Tinting will allow light to pass through your windows while screening out heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays
  • We can help to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home or office
  • Gain over 80% solar rejection with some of our films
  • Our low emissivity (Low E) films improve insulating properties for year-round energy savings
  • Our tints are protected by durable, patented, scratch-resistant coatings and are applied with long lasting distortions-free adhesives
  • Our ceramic films offer superb heat rejection properties without compromising visibility and do not appear shiny
  • Ceramic films easily outperform all dyed, metallic and powder-coated films, while maintaining a clear view
  • You can start “Going Green” with window films and tints
  • Energy-efficient window films are equal to other energy saving measures such as high efficiency lighting, new control systems, and HVAC upgrades

Solar Reflective Window Film

Starting to do research on improving the efficiency of your home is great step on lowering your electricity bills or even better trying to lower your carbon footprint. Remember your air conditioner usually is the highest part of your electrical costs in your home or office.

Go Green with Window Film

Not only does Huper Optik Smart window films deliver a positive impact for the environment in energy savings and GHG emissions reductions, it also contributes to an avoidance of solid wastes typical of window replacement.